What's New

What's New

We’ve added new calculators just in time for the new school year. This adds to Symbolab collection of over 300 calculators to help you breeze through math.

Gram Schmidt Calculator

Orthonormalize a set of vectors using Gram Schmidt process.

Click here to start.

Floor & Ceiling Calculators

Click here to start.

Floor & Ceiling Equations Calculator

Click here to start.

Physics Calculators

We’ve added 6 more Mechanics calculators: Density, Force, Gravitational Potential Energy, Projectile Motion, Free Fall, Horizontal Projectile Motion

Click here to start.

Finance Calculators

We’ve added 4 new finance calculators to help you find interests and present/future values

Click here to start.

Integrate by a specific method

You can now type in the method of integration, or specify the u substitution

Click here to start.

Fourier Series Calculator

Click here to start.

Length of Arc Calculator

Click here to start.

Is Function Calculator

Click here to start.

Frequency Calculator

Click here to start.

Average Value Calculator

Click here to start.

Cramer’s Rule Calculator

Click here to start.

Gaussian Elimination Calculator

Click here to start.

We’ve added quick access to your dashboard, notifications, and an avatar.


Click the bell to access your notifications: messages, tips, assignments and more.

Add an image

Click your user page, click Account Details, click the avatar.
You can select one of Symbolab avatars or upload an image.

Power Sums Calculator

Click here to start.

Trigonometric Inequalities Calculator

Click here to start.

Derivative Using the Definition Calculator

Find the derivative using the limit definition

Click here to start.

Volume of Revolution Calculator

The calculator helps you find the volume of revolution step by step, plus the graph of the figure obtained by the rotation of the curve around the x-axis.

Click here to start.

The graph of the solid figure obtained by rotating the plane curve around the x-axis

Matrix Adjoint Calculator

The calculator finds the adjoint matrix of a given matrix

Click here to start.

New Pad

The most popular actions that require a keyword are now added to the Pad for quick access.
Click any of the buttons or See All for more options. Let us know if you’d like to add more favorite actions to the Pad.

We’ve also added pad keys for long operations, mixed numbers, times and single parenthesis:

Multi-Variable Limits Calculator

One of the most difficult topics is multi-variable calculus, to help you learn we’ve added a multi-variable limits calculator, type in the limit and we’ll show you the solution with the steps.

Click here to start.

Physics Calculators

We’ve added 5 new Mechanics calculators: Angular Acceleration, Momentum, Impulse (Momentum), Impulse (Velocity), Kinetic Energy. Click here to start.

Share problems with friends

You can now select multiple problems and graphs to share with your friends from your Notebook. Before sharing you will be prompted for a title. The list is automatically tagged with the title for later access:

Your friends will get a URL to the list. They can choose to save the list to Notebook or to access the solutions directly (list is tagged automatically on save):

Geometry Gallery

Easy to use Geometry gallery. Click here to start.

Mechanics Calculator

Click here to start.

Please let us know what other Physics calculators you want us to add.

Modulo Calculator

Click here to start.

Probability Calculator

Click here to start.

Polar/Cartesian Convertor

Click here to start.

Rationalize Calculator

Click here to start.

Number Line

We’ve added number lines to better visualize inequalities.

Notebook new look

Notebook has a fresh new look. The same awesome features with a cleaner, simpler layout.

Click here to start.

Symmetry Calculator

Click here to start.

Practice in Portuguese

Practice is now available in Portuguese. Thousands of problems with hints, assessments and more, all of this personalized just for you! To get ahead in math click here to start. (more languages coming soon)

Group Navigator

You asked, we listened. An easy to use navigator is now available in Groups. Click any group, the navigator is at the top right; easy access to the group Dashboard and Notebook, and an option to delete a group.

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